Customer's Inquiry
Although UPESO provides simple process, you may still have some concerns. Therefore, this session is created for answering any questions you may have.
About Application
Application conditions
Application information
Did not receive SMS verification code
How long does it take to submit an application?
How to check the application result?
The customer service consultation phone does not work.
The application was rejected.
About Bank Card
The bank account number is incorrect. How to deal with it?
Can I provide someone else's bank card?
Can the bank card account be modified?
About Lending
How long does it take to receive money after the loan?
The account shows that the money has been released, but has not received the money.
About The Extension
What is the extension?
How to apply for extension?
About Overdue
What is overdue?
Is there a fee for overdue?
About Repayment
How can I repay?
I have already repaid, why did I still remind me that I have not repaid?
What if the repayment is still too much?
About Renewing Loan
How to apply for renewal?
What are the advantages of renewing loans?
Why I have an application?,I didn't register in your app
Do you offer installment payments?
Why are you harrassing me?
Where should I get my loan?